jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Starting Spanish 2 with a compelling story & some high frequency vocab

I am starting Spanish 2 in January and I am hoping to ditch the textbook and use stories and novels, but I am still obligated to teach certain things because of departmental curriculum, so I have been working on this unit to start. This video will be the "story" and the focus of the unit. The story, which Amy Zimmer and Elena López wrote, has tons of high frequency vocabulary and will be a good way to start with a CI focus and 90% TL.

Below you will see the essential questions for the unit, the goals of the unit (with a direct link to the unit packet), and a slideshow that will be used throughout this unit. Again, Amy Zimmer did most of the work developing this work, so a big thank you to her! This unit is a bit of a hybrid unit, a bit CI, a bit TPRS, a bit traditional... I think it will work for where I am, where my students are (most are coming from a non-TPRS/CI Spanish 1 classes), and where they are going.

I think the "story" will be compelling and I think students will be engaged. Check it out:

Preguntas Esenciales:

Metas para la unidad:
  • I can function in a "solo español" classroom.
  • I understand that in order to learn new words and structures, it is important that I repeat, act out, and listen/read for meaning.
  • I can show that I understand a story in a variety of ways, including: answering questions, cierto/falso statements, choosing the correct words to complete the story, choosing the correct pictures when hearing sentences, drawing, acting out the story, summarizing and others.
  • I can remember previously learned vocabulary, pronunciation rules, and grammatical structures (including: conjugations, adjective agreement and placement, and ser vs. estar). (departmentally tied to these things)

Here is a link if you want to make a copy and use it and/or make changes. And here is a link to the unit packet.

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016

TPT Sale!

I have decided to sell some items on Teachers Pay Teachers, so far I have only four items in my store. And tomorrow and Tuesday (11/28 and 11/29) there is a sale! Use the code CYBER2016 and you will get a 20% discount.

These are the four items that I am selling and one freebie:
Soy yo - a story/song mini unit for Spanish 1 (or above)
Inmigración para español 1 (The Other Side and La Misma Luna)
Canela - Movie Guide

miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

Carmina - La Lotería de España

**UPDATES 12/2/16**
  • The amazing Elena López has created some Historias de Navidad that I am also going to use in this unit. These historias will be a great way to start the class. I am going to have students read them silently at the beginning of class and fill out the grid. These historias will give them more ideas to answer la Pregunta Esencial of the unit: ¿Cómo son mis tradiciones relacionadas con los días festivos similares y/o diferentes de una de España y/o de otros países del mundo hispanohablante? 
  • I have added two more resources for students to explore during this unit, two infografías:
    • Estadísticas Lotería Navidad en España 2012 - Students will read that and write, in English, what they learn (Interpretive Task). An alternative would be to have groups of students write 2 verdades y una mentira about different sections of the infografía.
    • Encuesta: ¿Qué harías si ganaras el Gordo? Students will read that and write, in English, what they learn (Interpretive Task) and then they will answer personal questions similar to those so that we can see the statistics for our class.
**UPDATE 11/27/16** - I have created an entire "unit packet" that incorporates the three commercials (250th anniversary, Justino and Carmina) mentioned in this post. The unit packet has essential questions, I can statements, and suggestions for assessments. A link to the unit packet is included if you purchase the Carmina resources.

If you haven't seen the new Spanish lottery commercial, check it out here:
I LOVE this commercial for SO MANY reasons! I love it even more than last year's commercial about Justino (click here for resources).

So, after seeing the commercial (and Martina Bex's Breakout Edu activity), I wanted to create something to use in class. So, I created a slideshow that tells the beautiful "story" of the commercial. The slideshow has 46 slides (and probably growing) with screenshots and the story in comprehensible Spanish for level 2 or above. Some might be able to use it with their level 1, depending on what they have had so far. I have also created a doc with some activities and suggestions. Even if you don't do the Breakout Edu activity, this is a beautiful story to teach students in December. Click here to purchase the resources.

Here is a preview with some of the slides:
Here is an edpuzzle that could be used as an assessment (or click here to go to edpuzzle):
And here is another commercial celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Spanish lottery.

For that commercial, I created this slideshow (this is a freebie, click here if you want to make a copy and make changes or add on to it, but please share back if you make it better) and this document to tell the stories in that commercial. These two things are free, but if you want to give back in a Radiohead style (choose your price), click here.