miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2016

El Cuy - una lectura simplificada

Image result for el cuy mágicoI love the articles from Veintemundos. They write about such a wide variety of interesting cultural topics, but sometimes they are just a bit too advanced for some levels. Also, for some students, just reading an article that long can be rather difficult. So, one of my new goals is to adapt some of those articles and create some activities to go along with them so that I can use them in different levels.

My first attempt is with this article: El Cuy: Mucho más que un simple animal. In this doc, I included the following:

I created all of this for a colleague to use with an "animals" unit. I also have included some possible Essential Questions for that unit:

  • ¿Por qué son los animales importantes en nuestro mundo? (amigos, trabajo, comida, belleza, parte de las leyendas y la cultura, salud)?
  • ¿Para qué sirven los animales?
  • ¿Cuáles son algunas características de los animales? (animal related vocabulary)
  • ¿Cuáles son unos animales importantes en otras culturas? ¿Por qué son importantes? Cómo se comparan los productos, las prácticas, y las perspectivas relacionados con estos animales con los de nuestra cultura?
I hope to do something similar with this article: Rana Dorada: El animal más venenoso del mundo. Anyone want to help out??

If my colleague doesn't use this, I will surely find a place to include it! Even if it is for a few days when I am at a conference... NHAWLT and ACTFL are coming up soon.

martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

"Soy yo" for Spanish 1

If you haven't seen the video for "Soy yo" from Bomba Estéreo, check it out below. I am sure that this song and video will be one of the favorites of the semester.

I used this song last year (but with this cool video) in Spanish 1 because it is catchy and because of all the "soy" reps. This year, I am doing a bit more with the song/video. I created this slideshow below which includes information about the band and then, starting on slide 9, some vocabulary introduction and a description (in very basic level 1 Spanish) of what happens in the video. I have also created some other activities here.

**Click here if you want to make a copy of the slideshow. If  you make a copy, you can edit and make changes. You have to be logged into a gmail account to do that.If you can't see it, you might not be logged in.**

These are my goals for this mini-unit:
  • I can comprehend a story with visuals to support my comprehension.
  • I can read a story and comprehend it without visuals.
  • I can understand and pick out cognates.
  • I can understand some words in Spanish because of the context, the visuals, or the actions of the teacher.
  • I can answer questions about a story and about myself.

Feel free to take and use... and if you improve, please share back!

And finally, here are some online activities to review the story:

domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

El Sombrerón

Thanks to a retweet from Linda Kelchner, I am adding "El Sombrerón" to my Los Miedos y Las Leyendas unit (one of my favorite units!). I have created a couple of simple activities (click here to view them) with this audio that tells the legend of El Sombrerón:

And a simple activity with this beautiful song by Gaby Moreno as a follow up:

Feel free to take, use, and enhance... and please share back if you do!