sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

La Belleza y La Estética: 3 Bellezas

Image result for 3 bellezasI love it when I find a good movie that fits perfectly into an upcoming unit! I just watched the movie "3 Bellezas" and I am definitely going to use it in my AP class for the "La Belleza y La Estética" unit. It is available for free if you have Amazon Prime. Unfortunately the only subtitles are in English, but I still think there is value in watching it with those subtitles. I am considering watching some segments without any subtitles, but I need to rewatch and choose those carefully.

I bought this guía de preguntas that I will use for class discussion. And I am also coming up with some of my own materials to use with the movie. We will definitely do a Seminario Socrático after watching this movie, because I think my students will have a lot to say about it. I particularly like this discussion question: Compara las perspectivas de la belleza de las canciones "Mantra" y "Soy yo" con las de la película "3 Bellezas."

The movie might not be appropriate for all ages, but I have juniors and seniors in my AP class so they will be fine with it. The movie is mostly appropriate (with one part at 47 minutes that I will definitely skip and maybe a couple of others). Here is the trailer:

This short video will be a good accompaniment.  

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  1. En los primeros 10 segundos del corto dicen "tetas" , no creo que sea adecuado para los alumnos

    1. Thanks for your comment. For me, the themes in this movie outweigh that one word. As any resource, a teacher can decide what is best for their students. I don't judge resource by one word.

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